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You Have 5 Options for Cabinet Refinishing

Jan 8

You Have 5 Options for Cabinet Refinishing

The living room and kitchen are two of the most commonly used rooms in our houses. Americans spent 28% of their time in either of these rooms. That's a substantial amount of your time at the home.

These rooms should be appealing because we spend so often in them. Even if money is tight, it's possible to update your kitchen cabinets and renovate the space.

These 5 kitchen cabinet refinishing ideas will help make your kitchen look better and cost less.

1. Choose a solid color for your cabinets

Your cabinets can be painted to update your old kitchen. A fresh coat can brighten up dark cabinets and make the kitchen feel bigger.

A fresh coat of paint is a great way to bring new life into your kitchen, provided that the doors and frames remain in good order.

This project is not quick, but it can transform cheap kitchen cabinets into stylish and modern designs.

Before you go, learn the most frequent mistakes and how to avoid them.

2. Cabinet Toning

Cabinet toning is a tinted coating that you can apply to cabinets the same way you would apply a clear varnish.

You will typically apply toner to your cabinets once you have finished applying clear finish. After applying toner, one more coat of finish is applied.

You can either buy toner in aerosols or tinted oil or water-based urethanes you can apply to your old kitchen cabinets. Professional spray equipment is used.

The trick to using toner well is to evenly apply it. Otherwise, you may notice darker spots on your cabinets.

3. Cabinet Glazing for Distressed Effects

Another way to brighten up old cabinets in your kitchen is to use to give them a distressed look. This will make each kitchen cabinet unique.

This cabinet refinishing option would be a great fit for those who prefer a traditional look to their kitchen.

Depending upon the glaze color you use or how many you apply, you could create a subtle look or a dramatic effect on your cabinet door doors.

To create shading, glaze the entire cabinet door with a glaze and wipe it off with a towel.

Try to choose a glaze color that matches the rest of your kitchen. Consider the color you choose for your countertops, floors, backsplash, or appliances.

Alabaster and light grey glazes are good choices for light surfaces, such as white granite, and white tile. These glazes are great for kitchens with black granite.

How to Distress Cabinets

Before you start, ensure your cabinets have been cleaned and are free of dust and dirt.

Put a few drops of glaze onto a clean, soft rag. You should apply the glaze in a circular motion on the cabinet. Spread the glaze in circles to cover the entire cabinet.

Remember that you can only use a little glaze to cover large sections. Start with less glaze than what you think is needed.

You can then wipe off the glaze using a new, clean cloth. Wipe one direction. Once you have achieved the look you desire, don't stop.

You can finish by using a small paintbrush to add more glaze to doors or crevices within the cabinets. This will give it a deeper distressed look.

Once again, use a cloth to remove the glaze.

Apply a light coat to your cabinets after the glaze has dried. Make sure that you purchase a non-yellowing sealant. A yellow sealant could ruin your cabinets' appearance.

4. Pinstripe Glazing

Pinstripe-glazing is very similar to using glaze for a distressed appearance. The same type can also be used as tinted.

Pinstripe glaze is applied to only a portion of the cabinet's surface. To create a pinstripe look you will glaze the groves of cabinets in order to increase the impact and contrast.

This technique accents the architectural details in the cabinets. The best results are achieved by using a glaze color that contrasts with the cabinets' color.

You can do as few lines as possible, as many as you want and as many glazes as you need.

5. Cabinet Resurfacing

Cabinet restoration means replacing the drawer fronts or cabinet doors with new cabinets.

This option can be used when your cabinet's doors are very worn and damaged.

This process is more affordable than replacing all your cabinets. But it can cost twice as or three times as expensive as the other options.

You'll have to keep your current kitchen layout. However, you can update your cabinets by adding crown molding, modern handles, and pulls to your drawers or glass doors.

If your kitchen layout does not work, but you believe your cabinet door can be painted or tinted, or even glazed, you may need them to be replaced.

People typically replace the handles or hinges on their cabinets by using this option.

Cabinet resurfacing is the act of removing any existing doors or drawers from your kitchen. The frames will then need to clean and sand. Next, an adhesive will be applied so that the veneer will stick.

Finally, you will install your new cabinet doors and drawers using the new hardware.


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