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3 Reasons not to Refinish your Cabinets

Jan 9

3 Reasons not to Refinish your Cabinets

How to decide whether to refinish or unrefinish? That is the question. What's the answer? Every kitchen is unique, with its own layout, materials, budget, and style. Before you decide if cabinet-refinishing will work for you, you need to consider your particular situation.

  • Do you have plans to change the color of the existing cabinets?
  • Are your cabinets made from laminate or solid wood
  • Do you want to replace countertops, islands, and glass doors??
  • Are you prepared for your kitchen to be out of service for weeks?

Definition. To Finish

Refinishing wood cabinets requires a complex and tedious process. To remove paint, varnish, stain, or other contaminants from the surface of the cabinet, you will need to sand it or use a chemical peeling agent. Once the old finish is removed, a fresh one is applied.

Reason #1 - Cost and Labor

If your kitchen's layout is pleasing and you have solid wood cabinets, then cabinet refinishing might be an option. Laminates cannot only be repainted/refaced but they can't be sanded. Although it's possible to save money by doing your cabinet refinishing on your own, the process can be laborious and requires the use of dexterous chemicals. Although the cost of replacing cabinets can be lower than hiring professionals, they will charge at least the same amount as refacing them.

Reason #2 - The Finished Look

You must have solid wood cabinets in good condition. There should be no warping, splitting, or cracking. Even in the best condition, sanding/stripping will make wood less malleable and may cause uneven finishes. It is important to remember that you cannot refinish doors darker than they are.

Reason #3 - The Life of Your Cabinetry

Once the cabinet refinishing process is complete, it can be difficult to maintain the final result. Refinished cabinets are more susceptible to color variations due to heat and direct sunlight as well as water from the sinks and dishwashers. MDF can swell from moisture and paint may peel and crack.

Smile and be happy

As an alternative, consider refacing. This involves replacing the cabinet boxes, doors, and drawer fronts with new ones. Additionally, a thin veneer is applied along the frames and moldings to give them a strong, durable veneer. You will have beautifully matched kitchen cabinets all over that are long-lasting and durable.


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