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5 Ways To Embellish Your Kitchen

Feb 10

5 Ways To Embellish Your Kitchen

There are many ways to make your kitchen feel bright and cheerful for the seasons without spending a fortune. It is possible to easily bring the spirit and energy of each season to your space using simple, inexpensive methods.

We're proud that we are the market leader for cabinet restoration in Kansas City. And we love helping our customers transform their cabinets into a stunning new look they will cherish for years. We've collected some helpful tips and tricks over time to update your kitchen in cost-effective ways.

These simple, affordable ideas will add a fun touch of fall color to your kitchen.

#1, Create Your Own Arrangement

Make a beautiful arrangement of flowers and other plants in your garden that you want to display on a table or countertop. You can also go to a local farmers market, garden center, or other location to get what you need.

For a fall arrangement, we love to use a bunch of wheat stalks or corn stalks. We even like to add a few pumpkins. Be creative! Have fun!

#2 - Display Seasonal Towels

One or two new dish towels can be purchased in fall colors. These towels are great to hang over countertops, hooks, or above appliances' handrails.

3 - Personalize a Message Board

Swap out your message board sayings every season. You can put chalkboards or letter boards up on the wall.

#4 - Infuse Spring Scents

Your kitchen smells just as important as the decor. Decorate your kitchen with autumn-scented candles and cleaners.

#5 -- Produce Of Season

A bowl or basket can be used to display seasonal vegetables and produce from your local farmer's market. This adds fall color to your kitchen.

Cabinet Refinisher Kansas City

Kansas Master Cabinet Refinishing has you covered. We can help lift and revive your space all year. Reworking cabinets rather than replacing them will give you the same benefits but at a much lower cost.


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