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Affordable Springville Chimney Cleaning Maintenance Tips

Oct 21

Chimney Cleaning Maintenance Tips

There are certain things you can only enjoy during the season. For example, a fireplace crackling in winter nights. It doesn't matter what your favourite off-season activities are, it's worth adding chimney and fireplace maintenance on your spring or summer list. Your enjoyment of your fireplace in winter will depend on how you use it. What you do in the meantime will determine how much enjoyment your fireplace can bring. For additional information you can contact a professional like Pro Chimney Cleaning for more information

Yearly Chimney Inspection

Chimneys can be subject to harsh treatment both inside and outside. This is why it is important to have annual inspections. The flu's interior is subject to extreme temperatures, acidic creosote and other environmental factors. A chimney cap is required to prevent the flue from deteriorating. The combination of moisture and creosote can cause significant damage.

Extreme weather conditions can cause damage to mortar and masonry on the exterior. It is important to identify damage as soon as possible, as moisture damage can be very costly if it is not repaired promptly.

You can trust that chimney sweeps professionals will inspect your chimney and identify any potential problems. You can leave more time for repairs to be made if you schedule a spring or winter inspection.

Chimney Cleaning When necessary

According to all fire safety organizations, an annual inspection is mandatory. However, opinions differ on when cleaning should occur. According to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), chimneys should be cleaned when there is 1/8" or more creosote in the lining. Remember, however, that creosote will build up in the lining as soon as winter begins. This layer continues to thicken. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), an annual cleaning is a good idea. This will help to prevent odors from coming from your chimney during hot weather.

Chimney cap services and sealeant

Chimney caps protect your chimney from rain, snow, sleet and other debris. If mesh is used, they can also keep animals out. You may have a chimney cap that has been damaged or exceeded its useful life span. It's a good idea to have it replaced before winter.



Waterproofing your chimney is smart because H2O is the number one enemy of chimneys. If the masonry is compromised by moisture, it could cause the chimney to lean or even collapse. It is recommended to waterproof your chimney.

Enjoy your fireplace year round!

When heat is not needed, the fireplace does not have to be a wasting space. To keep your fireplace as the focal point of the home, clean it out and put up the decor you like.

Chimney Solutions can help you with year-round chimney maintenance, repair and installation.